SuperMemo 17 Cracked By Abo Jamal

Last updated on May 29th, 2018 at 08:49 am

SuperMemo 17 Cracked By Abo Jamal 

SuperMemo 17


SuperMemo 17 will help you:

  • collect information from electronic sources (esp. the web)
  • convert collected information into knowledge durably stored in your memory (see: incremental learning)
  • use acquired knowledge in creative problem solving (e.g. using neural review)
  • log sleep data to see how timing affects learning and sleep and to see the impact of sleep on memory

The three most important facts about SuperMemo17

1-SuperMemo is a learning method that makes it possible to learn fast and retain memories for years
2-SuperMemo is available as an easy computer program for Windows, Android, iOS, web browser, and more
3-SuperMemo is based on the science of long-term memory

This is how SuperMemo works

1-Collect learning material: SuperMemo helps you create collections of facts that you would like to remember.
2-Test your memory: SuperMemo tests your knowledge of individual facts and collects information about your memory.
3-Make smart repetitions: By understanding your memory, SuperMemo finds the optimum timing for review of the learned material. Each fact stored in your collection will have a unique pattern of review and repetition
4-Save time: With minimum number of repetitions scheduled for you by SuperMemo, you waste no time on reviewing material you know well. You will be amazed with what speed and volume of learning you can reach. All that without a decrease in recall

SuperMemo is your brain tool

In addition to the above core functionality, SuperMemo 17 for Windows is your indispensable brain tool that helps you also:

1-read huge volumes of texts with minimum forgetting (see: incremental learning)
2-learn with pictures, audio and/or video
3-analyze your sleep
4-optimize your sleep for learning and optimize your learning using your sleep logs (see: Sleep Chart)
5-improve your problem solving power (e.g. with concept maps)
6-boost your creativity (e.g. with neural creativity)

SuperMemo 17 Cracked By Abo Jamal 







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